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Hi friends.  I'm in a very tight spot financially right now.

I've applied for Social Security Income because I am disabled and can not work.

I'm going through some things and trying to sell what I know I can live without to generate some funds, but so far I've had no luck.  My mom is constantly trying to cram it down my throat that I have to "work for the things I want" and I have to "earn it".  If I manage to sell anything, she's trying to guilt me into thinking it should be HER money because it was HER money that bought me the things I am trying to sell.  It doesn't matter if her money bought those things, she gave them to me and she's never used them.

It should be my money.

As a disabled person I should not have to EARN my right to live.

I'm graciously asking for your help.

If you can toss aNYTHING my way, even just a dollar, I would appreciate it so so much.

Here's the link to my paypal.

Thank you in advance to everyone who will donate.  You truly are saints.
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Submitted on
March 7, 2016


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